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American Laser Med Spa Corpus Christi


Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy is an all natural treatment that uses your body’s own platelets and growth factors to help your body heal itself. It begins by drawing a small sample of blood. The blood is then placed into a centrifuge that separates the blood cells, platelets, and serum. The final result is a vial of highly concentrated platelets that can be re-injected and used with microneedling to the area of the body needing treatment.   


PRP Rejuventate 


 Fine lines - Wrinkles -Acne scars - Superficial scars - Undereye bags - Stretch marks - Dull skin      

Your platelets help reverse these unwanted signs of aging by releasing growth factors which stimulate the formation of new tissue and collagen. Your skin will be rejuvenated as

the new collagen maintains its tone and elasticity.

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PRP Regrow


Hair Thinning - Hair Loss

Approximately 100 million American men and women suffer from hair thinning and hair loss! Female hair loss is primarily due to heredity, but age, nutrition, stress, medications, illness, & hormones contribute to the weakened hair follicles. Male hair loss is very specifically due to heredity and dihydrotestosterone (DHT). The best clients for PRP hair regrowth are those with areas of weakened hair follicle production. The growth factors found in your own PRP stimulates hair follicle function leading to increased hair production and increased hair strength. Results are typically appreciable with examination after 6-12 weeks.  

Coastal Spa MD offers free consultations to design a treatment plan

specifically to your needs.

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