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Age Healthier & Live Happier! 

The Balance of Nature & Science with Extraordinary Benefits! Research shows optimized hormones are necessary for good health. BioTE optimizes hormones using tiny, long acting pellets placed under the skin to release bioidentical estrogen and testosterone consistently into the bloodstream. 

Feeling better can start with a simple blood test. Complete your free medical consultation and blood test at once all in the comfort of our medical spa without having to travel to an outside facility. 

Studies show after the age of 30, most people produce up to 10% LESS hormones each year. 

All testosterone replacement is NOT the same. BioTE pellets contain the same chemical structure as your body’s. 

Patients tell us they experience: 
Increased energy & muscle strength
Greater ability to lose weight
Increased mental clarity
Feeling younger & happier
Increased quality of life

Hormones & Health Protection 
Studies have shown that optimized hormones can reduce the risk of some age-related health issues, such as osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s, & diabetes. 

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DID YOU KNOW: Hormones decline naturally as we age, ask our team how optimizing your hormones can help regain your quality of life! 

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